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A critical skill for organizations and managers

Management's vision of what the company is, what it does, and where it is going in the future must be well understood to allow employees to contribute fully to its success.

Running an organization small enough for you to know everyone by name, you may feel that by walking around and talking informally you have passed the message and you know what employees are thinking. This is indeed a very powerful communication tool. You probably use other tools such as postings, letters to employees, suggestion boxes, mini informal meetings at the end of coffee breaks and more formal shift or location meetings. They should all be co-ordinated, well planned and well executed to make the best use of you and your employees' time.

Huntly Duff can improve your communications by providing a model communication plan as well as training and coaching on leading effective meetings. As a result,

  • Employees need less guidance and can make better decisions.
  • Senior managers can be less hands-on and focus more on strategy and planning.