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A core skill

Management's vision of what the organization is, what it does, how it should be done and where it is going must be well understood in order for employees to contribute fully to its success.

All organizations must have an employee communications plan that co-ordinates all means of communicating with employees. The plan should integrate internal communication media such as letters to employees, shift and department meetings and annual employee meetings with outside activities such as press releases, letters to shareholders and quarterly and annual reports.

Once the plan has been established, two more elements are essential:

  • The skills to carry out the plan and
  • The tools and information to support managers and supervisors charged with implementing the plan.

Huntly Duff can develop and present workshops to provide your supervisors and managers with the proper skills to present your organization's message as well as confidently field questions and criticisms.

Over the years we have discovered the kinds of plans that work and the kinds of training and support supervisors and managers need to deliver the plan successfully.

Experience has taught us that plants and locations with well designed and implemented communications plans surpass others in productivity and quality as well as in softer areas such as number of complaints, grievances and results of attitude surveys.