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Policy & Procedures

Maintaining a motivated and focused work force requires well written, well executed and well communicated Human Resources policies and procedures that contribute to the consistent and fair treatment of all employees.

To achieve this result, Human Resources Policies & Procedures must:

  • Be cost effective,
  • Be simple and easy to administer,
  • Be easy to communicate,
  • Meet the legal requirements and reflect any recent changes to employment related legislation in the jurisdictions where you operate,
  • Help recruit and retain knowledgeable, skilled and motivated employees,
  • Respect the traditions of your organization,
  • Reflect the Mission and Values of your organization,
  • Take into account recent reorganizations or acquisitions,
  • Take into account plans for the future.

We can take on the task of a complete review of your policies.

If you have made recent acquisitions or mergers we can review the policies of the various organizations, meet or interview by phone various participants and propose common policies. We can participate directly in feedback sessions with users or simply take direction on required changes from you after you have consulted with your people.

We can update a specific set or a single policy.

If you are from outside Canada and have recently acquired a Canadian organization we can help you harmonize your national or international policies to the unique Canadian human resources context.

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