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Policies & Handbooks

Developing and Implementing Policies in a broad range of organizations

Huntly has particular experience, skills and interest in establishing or revising and implementing straight forward workable Human Resources Policies & Procedures in a broad range of dynamic organizations.


When the corporate Human Resources function was created at Consumers Packaging in 1980 Huntly spent several years writing, implementing and refining Human Resources Policies for both the Canadian and U.S. operations.


As the first Director of Human Resources for a rapidly growing paper merchant Huntly developed and implemented Human Resources Policies adapted to their needs. The challenge faced was that the paper merchant is a decentralized, fast-paced, sales and service-oriented organization owned by a paper manufacturer. Parent company policies were designed for a centralized, technology dominated, capital-intensive manufacturing environment, which were entirely inappropriate for a decentralized, creative entrepreneurial organization.

Public Sector

As the first Director of Human Resources for the newly created French Language School Board in Toronto, Huntly negotiated with School Board trustees as well as management to develop and implement effective Human Resources Policies.

Canada and the U.S.

Working with a Detroit-based software consultant and IT outsourcing company that recently expanded into Canada, Huntly developed policies concerning hours paid. This included areas such as overtime pay, vacations, holidays, sick leave, workers compensation, jury duty, bereavement, family and pregnancy leave. He helped them adapt their operating philosophies to the Canadian business and legal environment. In the process he learned a lot about how IT and consulting firms manage and compensate work hours and time-off in the United States.

Employee Handbooks

Huntly has particular experience, skills and interest in establishing simple workable Employee Handbooks in growing entrepreneurial organizations. As a consultant, Huntly has worked with fast growing companies to develop Human Resources policies in the form of a handbook.

As Corporate Human Resources manager at Consumers Packaging, Huntly wrote Employee Handbooks for several small independent start-up operations in Ontario and British Columbia and assisted in updating the Employee Handbook for a plant in Illinois.

As the first Director of Human Resources for the rapidly growing Graphic Resources, Huntly developed and implemented Employee Handbooks for each of the locations.

As a consultant he has assisted in the implementation of employee handbooks for manufacturing and information technology organizations.