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Focused Employees

To be effective your organization needs the skills and tools to:

  • Recruit and keep the right employees in the appropriate job,
  • Weed-out poor performers,
  • Provide clear direction for employees,
  • Provide cost-effective rewards for success.

Performance Management and Salary Administration

Extensive experience in recruitment, performance management and salary administration has been accumulated during the past 30 years. This includes basic elements such as writing and revising job descriptions, developing forms and techniques for setting standards of performance as well as conducting and participating in wage surveys.


Huntly was involved in the functioning of various point evaluation systems and the Hay system with various employers. After extensive training and coaching by compensation consultants, Huntly managed the implementation of the Consumers Glass pay equity compensation system. He worked actively with managers at Graphic Resources to develop their pay equity system
and has implemented another system as a consultant. He has also conducted surveys and advised on salary classification systems, hours-of-work, overtime and similar benefits for several clients.

Workshops for Managers

Huntly has developed and facilitated hundreds of workshops on a wide variety of skill sets. Zenger Miller certified Huntly as a Master Trainer for their training programs. Due to his extensive training in workshop development and facilitation skills he gains the maximum participation from all members, maintains the highest self-esteem of participants and effectively covers the material in the allotted time. These are all hallmarks of Huntly's workshops, making them both a memorable and valuable endeavour for the participants and provider.


With extensive experience in recruitment, Huntly has filled hundreds of managerial and technical positions during his career. Although Huntly is not presently a recruiter, he does advise clients on recruitment strategies.

Job Descriptions

Huntly has been involved in writing and revising job descriptions throughout his career in industrial, commercial and public sector organizations. Together with standards or expectations of performance, Job Descriptions are an essential tool for managing job performance and establishing compensation. With these tools managers communicate what is expected and help develop action plans to improve performance. They are also essential for maintaining fair and competitive compensation.

From his role as a recruiter and his involvement with performance management and salary administration, Huntly has gained extensive experience in helping managers identify the essence of a job. This same experience has given him a clear understanding of the information and format needed for recruitment, performance management and salary administration.

Huntly has also given many workshops on writing job descriptions and developing standards of performance. Huntly has received extensive training in workshop development and facilitation skills. Huntly has facilitated hundreds of workshops for managers, supervisors and employees. He is much appreciated for his ability to gain maximum participation from all members of the group, for maintaining the self-esteem of participants and for effectively covering the material in the allotted time.