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Health & Safety

An effective safety program is not only a legal requirement; it promotes a well-organized, productive workplace that supports employee job satisfaction.

In most jurisdictions, legislation requires that a Safety Plan be established along with a Joint Health and Safety Committee having trained Health and Safety Representatives. These representatives must conduct regular inspections, have regular meetings, be closely involved in investigations of incidents and accidents and be involved in the activities required for maintaining a safe workplace. Senior management must play a clear leadership role by endorsing policies and plans, integrating safety into the compensation plans of managers and supervisors and ensuring that resources are available to carry out Safety Plans.

Huntly Duff can advise you on the full range of activities required to provide a safe work environment. Following a review of your program we can:

  • Outline what needs to be done,
  • Suggest model policies and plans,
  • Identify cost-effective resources such as your industry accident prevention association,
  • Support your organization in job safety analysis and employee training,
  • Assist your safety committee with practical support and guidance to committee members,
  • Provide job safety analysis,
  • Train your supervisors or employees,
  • Provide workshops on hazard identification and accident prevention.

Our objective is to provide hands-on training and support for your organization to implement or upgrade a Safety Program and to maintain it with minimum outside support.

Over the past thirty (30) years, Huntly Duff has seen many expensive approaches that do not work and has implemented some very cost-effective solutions that dramatically improved Health & Safety.