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Employee Attitude Surveys

To manage an effective workforce it is important to have a clear up-to-date understanding of the issues concerning your employees. What factors in the workplace contribute to or detract from their ability to effectively get their job done. What do they appreciate about their job and working for your organization? What frustrates them? What motivates them?

Using an outside consultant has several advantages. The chief advantage is that employees are reassured that confidentiality will be respected and that the analysis is unbiased and objective. In addition, an experienced and knowledgeable expert can: help identify the kinds of questions that yield useful information, efficiently analyse the responses and identify significant trends. An experienced outsider will help you reconcile the survey results with your observations. Huntly's fluency in English and French is very useful when surveys are conducted in both languages.

In one organization, Huntly Duff analyzed their bi-annual survey three times over the past six (6) years. Each time there was a marked improvement in problem areas identified in previous surveys. This organization, which has 15 locations across Canada, has noted a positive correlation between survey results and financial results.

Although senior management has excellent communication throughout the organization, each year they find a few surprises. In the vast majority of areas without surprises, they are comforted by the confirmation that they still know what is really going on across the country.