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Good Relations

Good relations with your employees are essential for the long-term health of your organization. Whether your employees are unionized or not you need to keep them effectively informed and be knowledgeable about their issues and concerns. If employees understand the issues and pressures on you and your organization and if you are able to address employee concerns, their need for a third party will be greatly diminished. There will be less pressure for a union, or if you are unionized the need for union intervention through grievances and at the bargaining table will be greatly diminished.

Employee Communications

Huntly has developed and presented workshops to provide supervisors and managers with the facilitation and presentation skills to present the organization's message and confidently field questions and criticisms. He has been in charge of developing tools such as PowerPoint presentations for shift and department meetings and coordinating employee communication both in writing and through activities such as annual Road Shows.

Attitude Surveys

Huntly has assisted in designing, implementing and analysing employee attitude surveys in manufacturing, sales and service, public attractions, and educational institutions.

Union and Non-Union

Although he has broad experience in unionized settings, Huntly is noted for his advice in maintaining good relationships in a non-union setting.